10 x 1kg Caputo Blue 00 Pizzeria Italian Flour (New Red Packaging)

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Get your hands on 10 x 1kg Caputo Pizzeria 00 Flour. Italy's highest rated pizza flour. Elastic gluten and soft starch help doughs to get a great hydration. Light, with a perfect rising, satisfy the best maestri pizzaioli's needs. Ideal for neapolitan classic pizza.

Very elastic, ideal for slow rise dough which can keep for long periods. This flour produces a soft, light crust with extraordinary taste. Performs great in any type of oven.

Please Note: Caputo has changed the product packaging for this flour to red. 

Customer Reviews

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Jaimi-lea Bamber
Best flour for Neapolitan pizzas!!

This flour literally changed my pizzas - for the better! I now get the fluffiest crusts, tastes just like a proper Italian pizza!

Caputo Blue

No excuses for anything other than perfect pizza with this flour. Great price and next day delivery

Ana Abdulla
Caputo pizza flour

This is the best pizza flour i recomend anyone who loves making pizza to buy this product

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