6 x 2.5kg Rega Italian Peeled Tomatoes Gold Tin

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Blown away by the amazingly stylish tin right? These naturally sun-ripened Italian tomatoes are full of flavour. Rega are renowned for producing some of Italy’s finest tomatoes including San Marzano. This is ideal for use as a pizza sauce.  

These tomatoes are iconic in Italian restaurants across the world due to their gold lithographic tin. Once you’ve opened your tin, why not pop in a basil plant for a fancy decoration in your kitchen. Makes for a nice instagram photo too! ;)

Please read before purchasing

As these tomatoes are imported from Italy, they may have encountered some bumps and scrapes along the way before they reach us. We do our best to check & protect the tins before & after they're shipped to you, but we can't always guarantee a perfect tin every time. If it's essential that you receive them in good condition e.g. for display purposes, we request that you contact us using live chat, email or telephone so we can ensure we have sufficient tins available. Thank you for your understanding.

Customer Reviews

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Joseph Hadley-Smith
Fantastic product

I needed to make a batch of tomato sauce for an event, and I wasnt sure how to go about making good quality as well as a good quantity. However, these tomatoes were fantastic for the very job. As a side note, not only were the tomatoes great, but the tins are beautiful as well. Perfect for storing utensils or all manner of things! Definitely would purchase again.

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