Eppicotispai Wooden Beechwood Pizza Peel


Size: 30cm x 41.5cm


An incredibly light and easy to use pizza peel comes in two sizes to suit your desired pizza size and oven. We'd always recommend using a wooden peel to launch your pizzas into the oven as you'll find it much easier than a flat metal peel. 

These are made in Italy using only the finest Italian beechwood to produce a long lasting and durable product that's simple to use and keep clean. 

Comes with a handy hole in the handle so for hanging amongst your other pizza essentials!

If you're on the look out for something a touch more stylish, then why not check out the 2048/F/08.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Barbara Montford
Very handy tool

I like this peel. It’s very light and the dough sticks less to it than my metal peels. I also use it to shunt things onto baking trays into the oven (with non stick paper underneath).

Just starting

Decided I was going to try making pizza properly. Bought this along with some flour and yeast. I’m yet to try it but it looks and feels good quality. Can’t imagine having any issues with it. I went with the slim as my poor mans pizza oven isn’t the largest.

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